Advice for Students Entering Year 9

Advice for Students Entering Year 9

The aim of the Year 9 programme is to provide on-going teaching in the key subjects of English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Physical Education while exposing students to a broad range of other subjects/fields which they will be able to continue in subsequent years if they so wish. 

Full Year Courses

  • English
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education

These compulsory subjects are studied for the full year.  All of these subjects extend into Year 10 and lead into senior school subjects.


During the year students study a number of modules, each lasting for approximately one term. Modules are set out in the chart below and are described briefly when clicked on the Pathway Map.

Technology ModulesArts ModulesLanguage ModulesOther Modules

Design and Visual  Communication
Digital Technology - Computing
Digital Technology - Electronics
Food Technology
Construction and Mechanical Technology
Textiles and Design


(students choose 2)




(students choose 2)




(students choose 1)

Enterprise Studies (compulsory)
Health (compulsory)
SIEP Project (restricted)

Note:    The study of another language may not be appropriate for some students.   These students may, after entry testing and consultation with contributing schools is complete, be offered STEM in place of another language.

Innovation Stream: 

The Innovation Stream is an exciting initiative for students who wish to be involved in an innovative curriculum based on developing learners, leaders and change-makers who use knowledge meaningfully across the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Statistics, Science and Social Studies.

The Innovation Stream is designed to focus on the following six areas of deep learning:

  • Character - Build resilience, empathy, confidence and initiative
  • Citizenship - Be a global citizen, demonstrating understanding of diverse viewpoints  and ways of thinking
  • Communication - Apply speaking, listening, writing and reading skills in a variety of contexts
  • Collaboration - Work in teams to learn with and from others
  • Creativity - Develop abilities to create, design and innovate
  • Critical Thinking - Develop abilities to seek and solve problems, and model situations that require critical and analytical thinking

 More information about Innovation Stream can be found here. 

Sport in Education (SiE):

This project is designed to offer a sports focussed pathway through the junior school to link with the well-established Physical Education Studies and Sports Leadership Studies courses in the senior school.  

The programme runs a mainstream junior programme which, where appropriate, is differentiated to meet the needs of the selected students within it.  Areas covered will include sports diet and nutrition, sports psychology, anatomy and physiology and use of technology to enhance performance as well as the content listed under the SIEP Module on the Pathway Map.


More information about SiE can be found on our website.