Advice for Students Entering Year 12

Advice for Students Entering Year 12

Entry Requirements for NCEA Level 2 Courses 

  • Entry to Level 2 subjects is at the discretion of the College and no student has an automatic right to study at this 
  • Students may choose any course as long as they have met the prerequisite requirements for entry into Level 2 courses.
  • Students who fail entry criteria and want to apply for an exemption, must apply to the Head of Department at course confirmation.
  • Students who have not met the 10 literacy credits or 10 numeracy credits may be required to repeat the Level 1 courses. This is up to HOD discretion.
  • Students who have poor results from NCEA Level 1 may be directed into certain courses and have limited choice available to them.

NCEA Level 2 Course Selection 

Students will choose six subjects except for the Trades Academy students. A Mathematics and Science course is recommended.  An English course is compulsory.

All students must confirm their courses on the stipulated days at the beginning of the year at course confirmation. Students will be advised of these dates. Failure to do so may result in students not getting their option choices if courses are full.

Key Points to Note:

  • Courses will only be provided if there are sufficient student enrolments. If necessary related courses will be amalgamated to form a viable class 
  • Howick College will endeavor to accommodate student subject choices. It will develop a timetable structure that best meets the requirements of the greatest possible number of students.
  • Multi-level study is an essential component of the college curriculum. Students may study at any of the different levels, however, any students wishing to study at a higher level must have the approval of the appropriate Head of Department.
  • Students must meet all course prerequisites or have Head of Department approval.
  • Some subjects require students to pay material fees; these fees vary from subject to subject. 
  • Some subjects have field trips as part of their course and students must be prepared to participate and pay the appropriate trip costs.
  • All subject material fees (or ongoing payments) must be paid/organised with Accounts at the beginning of the school year. All subject fees must be paid in full before a student can progress to the next level in that subject.

 NCEA Level 2 Certificate Requirements

  • 80 credits are required.
  • A minimum of 60 credits must be at NCEA Level or higher, 20 credits can be used from Level 1.
  • The 80 credits can be gained in one year or over two or more years.
  • Credits may be gained from Achievement Standard or Unit Standard courses.
  • Students must have gained Level 1 Literacy and Numeracy.

Planning for University Entrance Next Year

 Students must read the “Entry to University Requirements” very carefully. In particular, students must ensure they meet the following:

  • 10 Level 1 Numeracy credits (or higher)
  • 10 Level 2 Literacy credits (5 in reading and 5 in writing)

Students need to note which subjects are eligible for University Entrance. Students should refer to the approved subject list. 

Students should look ahead to the requirements of their chosen Tertiary Education provider when selecting their Year 12 course.