Advice for Students Entering Year 13

Advice for Students Entering Year 13

Students are required to choose five subjects though not all need to be at Level 3.

No subject is compulsory. The requirements for University Entrance must be kept in mind for students intending to go onto higher education.

Course Entry Requirements for NCEA Level 3 Courses

  • There is no automatic right of entry to Level 3 subjects and before a student’s course is confirmed it must have the endorsement of the HOD, based on performance in Year 12.   
  • Students may choose any course as long as they have met the entry prerequisites.
  • Students who fail this entry requirement may be required to repeat the previous year’s courses.
  • Students who fail entry criteria and want to apply for an exemption, must apply to the Head of Department at course confirmation.
  • Multi-level study is an essential component of the school’s curriculum.
  • Students who have poor results from Levels 1 and 2 may be directed into certain courses and have very limited choices available to them.

 Course Entry Requirements for Scholarship

  • Scholarship is an award NOT a qualification. It does not carry credits towards NCEA, but will be reported on your Record of Learning.
  • Students will be approached by their subject teachers to consider entering for Scholarship.
  • Students can do one, two or three scholarship subjects.
  • Students are required to undertake extra tuition in each scholarship subject. 
  • See more information at Students Choosing to do Scholarship  

NCEA Level 3 Certificate Requirements

  • 80 credits are required
  • 60 credits must be at Level 3 or higher
  • 20 credits can be from Level 2
  • Involves both internally assessed and externally assessed work