Year 9 Drama (1 Term) (9DRA)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs J. Dryden


$10 for course resources.

Year 9 Drama is a performance-based course that is influenced by whakapapa and is a way to respond to and share in identity, culture and perspectives. It provides an opportunity for students to discover their drama ability and creativity. It encourages an interest in and develops an appreciation and enjoyment of drama through an active involvement in discussion, sharing ideas, perspectives, culture and identity through manaakitanga. The course helps students to develop social, co-operative and creative drama skills which will form the basis for drama as a subject in following years and enables them to design, create and perform drama individually, in small groups and as a class. 

Learning Areas:

Expressive Arts


Year 10 Drama FULL Year (10DRA), Year 10 Drama HALF Year (10DRAH)