Year 12 Outdoor Education (12OED)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Wright

This course is 100% internally assessed and requires a special commitment to work and participate consistently throughout the year. It will include the activities of kayaking, sailing, tramping, indoor climbing, abseiling, high ropes and comprehensive first aid

Students will also develop skills and/or be assessed in risk management, teamwork, leadership, coping with adversity and environmental stewardship.

Outdoor Education supports a range of career options including jobs within an expanding adventure and eco-tourism industry, educational institutions, recreation centres, natural resources governance, the Defence and Police forces. 13OED graduates continue to experience 100% success at gaining places onto sometimes limited entry outdoor education tertiary courses.

In addition to gaining certificates of achievement students will be required to keep a detailed logbook of their practical experiences showing development of social, leadership and life skills. This will significantly enhance their Curriculum Vitae and Outdoor Education tertiary course options.

** US431 (Navigation) and US20159 (Weather) are pre-requisites for US428 (Tramping) in 13OED next year worth 15 level 3 NCEA credits.

Total of 41 credits available of which 16 are Achievement Standards ie Achieved/Merit/Excellence. 

All 16 credits need to be gained at Merit or Excellence level to receive a Subject Endorsement.

Re-assessment: If a student does not attend an assessment trip/camp there will be no opportunity to re-sit. This is due to the difficult and costly logistics of organising another trip/camp for one or two students. 

EOTC time out of class: Due to the practical nature of the course students will be required to take part in activities during some lunch times and on a minimum of three weekends.  Students will miss an average two days of school per term but have no external assessment, minimal homework and can apply for some time off in Outdoor Education classes to catch up on work in other subjects. 


Health and safety: An EOTC Activity Student Details Form for each student will be kept on file and updated throughout the year.

 A Parent Letter and Gear List will be accessible via the internet approximately a month prior to every trip/camp, posted on the classroom noticeboard, emailed to parents and in some cases issued to students in class. Parents are always welcome to contact Mr Wright for more information or to discuss any concerns they may have. 

 Timing of trips, camps and assessments: Students will be issued with Outdoor Education Trip/Camp Dates for the year. It will show the dates and duration of all Year 12 and 13 Outdoor Education trips for the year, whether an assessment is involved or an extra cost due to the trip being optional. Please refer to this regularly and plan ahead of time.

 A schedule of Kayaking & Indoor Climbing Sessions held during OED class and lunchtime.

Learning Areas:

Health, Physical Education and Outdoor Education

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Course costs are $660 and represent exceptional value for comparable courses. There are three payment options as outlined in the Outdoor Education Guidelines & Agreement Policy.

As trip/camp costs generally remain the same whether a student attends or not and because we run an extremely tight budget for an already heavily subsidized course all 12OED costs must be paid in full even for a student who cannot attend a trip/camp.

Student Diary, 4B1 hardcover notebook. Lab-top /computer.