Year 11 Science (11SCI)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Henty


Merit grades in 10SCI or 10FTS/10PRS is an indication that 11SCI is appropriate. Otherwise,11SCS may be appropriate, or a discussion with the HoLA / HoD may be required. Students of 10FTS/10PRS are encouraged to stay in Innovation with 11FPS (which offers similar papers).

This Year 11 Science (11SCI) course can involve three external papers and two internal papers, or you can adapt your course to sit up to four internal assessments and one external assessment. These choices are timetable dependent and involve swapping classes and teachers during the year. Students wanting to only sit five internal assessments should choose 11SCS instead. This 11SCI course must be taken as pre-requisite for senior courses that also involve external papers, Chemistry (12CHE), Physics (12PHY) and Biology (12BIO).

The alternative is Year 11 Science Skills (11SCS ) with five internal papers, which leads to the senior course that also has five internal papers 12 Science (12SCI). All our senior courses (except 12EVS) lead to university entrance (UE) at Year 13.

Students may choose between 11SCI and 11SCS (not both). Staff will use grades and ownership of learning reports from Year 9 and 10 to aid the student to make the right choice for Year 11. Some students may be allocated 11SCS after their initial option choice is made.

External (exams) are more demanding than internal assessment papers.

Some additional internal assessments may be made available during the year. 

Course Overview

Term 1
Rates of reaction, then C1.1 internal assessment for all.
Then choose Acids and Bases external or Metals internal.

Term 2
P1.1 internal assessment for all.
Then choose Mechanics external or Earthquakes internal

Term 3
Choose Genetics external or Microbes internal

Term 4

Learning Areas:



Year 12 Biology (12BIO), Year 12 Chemistry (12CHE), Year 12 Environmental Science (12EVS), Year 12 Physics (12PHY), Year 12 Science (12SCI)

You need to have sat and passed the equivalent Year 11 examination paper to get into some Year 12 sciences. For instance:
Students coming out of Year 11SCI can choose one or two or three Year 12 sciences. Some choose to take a specialist science course 12BIO 12CHE 12PHY only if they meet the entry requirements for which one(s) they have chosen.
Pass Mechanics to get access to 12PHY
Pass Genetics to get access to 12BIO
Pass Acids and Bases to get access to 12CHE

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$21 for Stile Education (paid to the school), $26 Scipad workbook (purchased through Office Max).