Year 9 Creative Design: English and Social Studies (9CRD)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs S. de Vos

Creative Design is made up of the core curriculum areas of:

  • English
  • Social Studies 

Expression and communication of ideas is a critical skill in both the core curriculum areas of English and Social Studies. This curriculum combination allows students to learn and develop their communication and interpretation skills through texts, topics, and issues that allow them to see their world in different ways.  

Creative Design is intended to develop students' creativity and character so they can understand and clearly communicate ideas about the world around them. Topics may include:

  • Diversity and cultural appropriation
  • Street art and councils
  • Media studies
  • Up-cycling and zero waste 

This course will explicitly develop the college Capabilities of:

  • Creative Thinking – to develop qualities like entrepreneurship, flexibility, and curiosity.

In Creative Design Creativity is explored by students through investigating different challenges in society, learning different communication skills, and expressing their ideas in different ways. 

  • Self Management – building character through resilience, leadership, and initiativ

Self Management is developed through practicing skills and exploring topics that are intellectually challenging. We encourage students to take responsible risks in their learning as they make decisions about their learning and take on complex tasks.


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$19.00 Education Perfect and materials.