Year 10 Future Studies: Science and English (10FTS)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs S. de Vos

Future Studies is made up of the core curriculum areas of:

  • Science
  • English

Understanding big ideas in Science and how we communicate these is important now and in the future. Future Studies explores opportunities and challenges in our world such as sustainability, transport, and technology. These all provide exciting backdrops for learning while students extend their ability to analyse, communicate and explore scientific ideas and concepts. 

Students will investigate:

  • Future transport
  • Immortality
  • Chemistry and mankind
  • Ecology

 This course will explicitly develop the college Capabilities of:

  • Communication – developing strong oral, written, visual, and digital literacy

Communication is about understanding other people's ideas through time and space, as well as presenting our own. In Future Studies, students will develop their communication skills to present their understanding of important scientific ideas through writing, oral and visual presentations, and digital productions. 

  • Collaboration - understanding different viewpoints and ways of thinking to lead and empathise with others. 

Understanding important concepts in Science provides students with opportunities to explore different ways of thinking about our natural world and how it works. As this capability develops they are able to better understand problems and consider solutions to improve our future.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$26.00 STILE and materials.