Year 13 Sociology (13SOC)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Elling


Studied the subject at Year 12 and approval by the TiC. Students who have not studied Social Studies in Year 12 may take Year 13 Social Studies if they have achieved Level 2 NCEA and gained 14 or more credits in another Social Science or English, or have sufficient literacy credits and recommendations to gain HOD approval.

Level 3 Sociology uses a sociological approach to examine society today, providing a deeper understanding of humans. It is a qualifying course for University and other tertiary opportunities. It flows on particularly well to Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy. It focusses on social change caused by governments and organizations as well as the ideas which drive these changes. The course has a strong current issues focus with an emphasis on values systems in society. 

 This pathway provides students with knowledge and skills that are relevant for a wide range of occupations such as human resources, social research, social policy formation, law, social work, nursing, primary, secondary and tertiary teaching, medicine, police and social welfare, personnel management, resource management, journalism, town planning, architecture and more. The topics studied are: 

3.2          3.2 Conduct a Critical Social Inquiry:  Students will choose a modern-day policy-based issue in Aotearoa that is happening in our world right now, and, using four research questions, conduct an inquiry on this issue.   

3.3          How ideologies shape societies: A resource-based exam where students are required to respond to a context provided in the resource booklet that is based on how different ideologies have influenced an issue in society.

3.4          Completing a social action: Students work in small groups to influence a NZ-based policy where they aim to bring change.

3.5          Examining a social issue: NZ made significant changes to amend our legislation around marriage equality. Students examine the perspectives, issues, consequences and effectiveness of this marriage amendment and present their findings in a report.

The course addresses the Level 8 achievement objectives, processes and concepts of the Sociology curriculum. It offers 20 NCEA Level 3 Sociology credits which are University Approved. 

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences

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