Year 13 Drama (13DRA)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs J. Dryden


Must have completed NCEA Level Two Drama, gaining at least 14 credits which includes passing DRAM2.6. (Production) As many of the assessments are group based, students need to understand that a focused commitment is essential.

NCEA Level Three Drama continues to place emphasis on practical skills & performance. Influenced by whakapapa and is a way to respond to and share in identity, culture, and perspectives through the art of storytelling, weaving them in through the collaborative process. 

The course requires an active participation in a range of drama disciplines, enabling students to extend their confidence, knowledge, and skills in performance with the opportunity to explore areas of interest in script writing, directing, theatre design & technology.  

The emphasis on public performance continues throughout the course at a greater level than at previous years. This will consequently demand a high level of personal commitment from the students that will continue to strengthen and uphold manaakitanga within the class. Strengthening the awareness of wairuatanga and whakawhanaungatanga; as we extend the relationship between performer and audience in our own work and that of others, making connections between the world of the drama and our own. Synthesizing ideas, reflecting and enhancing ones own personal voice. 

Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of drama disciplines and experiences, as this course aims to allow students to continue to appreciate and enjoy drama as an interest or as a prospect for further study.

The NCEA Level Three Course Provides UE and a fantastic pathway for those looking to pursue Drama at Tertiary Level, alongside those looking to move into Medicine, Nursing, Childcare, Social Work and other career pathways as Drama enables people to connect, communicate & give manaakitanga to others. 

The Level 3 Standards offered will vary, as the course is designed to meet the needs of the individual. Drama Scholarship is also offered at this level. 

Please note: For each Achievement Standard supportive evidence is an NCEA requirement. This will be through a range of means e.g., kĊrero, video, audio, and other written means. Rehearsals may be required outside normal school hours in preparation for production performances. Therefore, key capabilities such as self-discipline, collaboration and communication skills are integral to this highly creative course. 

In addition: Students will have the opportunity to see live performances at a range of local venues to enhance their appreciation of theatre & use towards an external where they are required to Discuss drama elements, techniques, conventions, and technologies within live performance. 

Learning Areas:

Expressive Arts

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$50 for workbooks and scripts which are needed during the year. Professional theatre trips and visiting performers will incur an additional cost and will be provided at the time of booking events. The performances are designed to support and prepare the students for their external exam in November.

Assessment Information For each Achievement Standard supportive written evidence is a NCEA requirement. Students who are recognised for their ability and potential will be nominated for the Scholarship exam in November. Support and tutorials will be given to ensure maximum opportunity is given to achieve and excel. The course also offers students to use their school based devices as part of the digital learning environment.