Year 13 Classical Studies (13CLS)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss R. Pedersen


At least 14 Level Two Classical Studies/English or History credits.

Level Three Classical Studies is the holistic study of the ancient Roman civilisation. It covers philosophy, art, society, politics, drama, literature and history. Level Three Classical Studies focuses on introducing the ancient Roman world to students and developing the transferable skills necessary to study the ancient world and beyond when entering further study.   The study of the classical world involves looking at all aspects of a society to piece together what people’s life, beliefs, and values would have been like, alongside the major historical events of the period. Level Three Classical Studies focuses on the Augustan era and Augustus’ influence on the ancient world and the time periods to come. Our text study is Virgil’s Aeneid in which we explore how it reflects the ideas and values of ancient Roman society. There is also scope for an independent research-based internal.  It must be emphasised that this is an academic subject in which the development of research, analysis of primary evidence and processing of this information is demanded to achieve. This course provides opportunity to achieve 22 NCEA Level Three credits, with two internally assessed and two externally assessed standards. It is a Table A approved University Entrance subject.

Learning Areas: