Year 13 Business Leadership (13BLE)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs A. du Plessis


14 credits in Business Studies Level 2. 

Or 14 credits in Level 2 English and or History or Geography with HOD approval.

The Business Leadership course at year 13 will look at the theory and case studies to learn about marketing, human resources, internal factors of a global NZ business and agri-business. Students will examine business theory to prepare them for exciting future industries and understand the role of managers in a business. There is a focus on examining businesses and using real world applications.

This course leads to tertiary education courses and leads to possible employment in marketing, human resources, public relations, management as well as owning your own business.

Course Overview

Term 1
AS91382 - 3.4 Develop a marketing plan for a new or existing product.
AS91871 - 3.10 Analyse how a product meets market needs through innovation in the value chain

Term 2
Continue with Value Chain
AS91870 - 3.9 Analyse the effect of financing options of a strategic capital expenditure decision on a business.

Term 3
AS91382 - 3.1 Demonstrate understanding of how internal factors interact within a business that operates in a global context.

Term 4

Learning Areas:

Business and Management

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$50 approx with trip to business and organisation. $10 resources/booklet

Assessment Information Students are assessed by completing internals as well as one external at the end of the year.