Year 12 Physics (12PHY)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr A. Heuer


At year 11, have done AT LEAST 1.3 Tables, Equations and Graphs and ideally 1.2 Algebra. It is beneficial to be competent in 1.7 Right Angled Triangles and 1.4 Linear Algebra. Year 11 Science Mechanics and Math skills are required, or HoD approval.

Physics at this level is aimed at people with mathematical and theoretical skill who wish to develop an understanding of the basic concepts, principles and models which underlie the bases for all subsequent Sciences. It helps to develop skilled practical investigators and problem solvers who can work at the limits of their own understanding. It will develop their understanding of the nature of scientific knowledge and the consequent connection between Science, Technology and their importance to society. It will develop their ability to work co-operatively and effectively with others irrespective of culture, creed or ethnic diversity. It will develop their ability to maintain scientific integrity in the pursuit of knowledge.

Learning Areas:


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$27 for Workbooks (purchased at OfficeMax)