Year 12 Chemistry (12CHE)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs F. Aiyaaz


12 credits or more in Level 1 Science including Achievement Standard 90944 (SCIE1.5) Acids and Bases, or HoD approval.

This course offers students a comprehensive study in the field of Chemistry. The practical component provides the opportunity to develop the essential skills of Chemistry and to gain greater understanding of the concepts by investigating phenomena. It involves calculations and symbols and requires high language skills.

Learning Areas:



Year 13 Chemistry (13CHE), Year 13 Chemistry Advanced (13CHEE)

Students that pass the year 12 course with M and e grades are able to take up the year 13 chemistry advance course which is made up of 3 externals and 2 externals. Students are able to take up heath sciences, nursing, chemical engineering, medical research, geochemistry, high school chemistry teacher, food scientist, chemists, forensic science, pharmacy and pharmacology courses at university.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$27 for Workbooks (purchased at OfficeMax).