NCEA Level 1 Y11 Sport Science SIE

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Henty


Have done the Year 9 and 10 SIE Programme, or sought Director of SIE approval to enter new as a Year 11 student.

Year 11 Sport in Education comprises FOUR compulsory subjects, Sport Science, Sport Maths, Sport Communications and Sport Studies. Students must apply to be in the programme and preference will be given to those students who have participated in the Year 9 and 10 SiE programmes. It is an expectation that students in the SiE programme will represent the school in at least one sport. Students can select two other option subjects to complete their timetable. 

Y11 Sport Science SIE (11SSC) allow students to achieve in science with internal assessments, and whilst teaching those give students a taste of the three external examinations. Students will be able to opt into the external examinations, and with further teaching be successful in gaining the entry requirements for either 12BIO (Yr 11 Genetics needed), or 12CHE (Yr 11 Acids and Bases needed), or 12PHY (Yr 11 Mechanics needed).

The course aims to use as much active learning and sports context learning as possible. This course has a minimum of 15 credits, or up to 27 depending on the student and choices made regarding external examinations.

Course Overview

Term 1
Drugs in Sport research internal (in conjunction with English report writing internal)
Physics internal (in conjunction with Mechanics external)

Term 2
Chemistry internal (in conjunction with Acids and Bases external)
Biology internal at Les Mills (in conjunction with Sports Communication and Sports Studies)

Term 3
Genetics external

Term 4
Revision towards exams

Learning Areas:



Year 12 Biology (12BIO), Year 12 Chemistry (12CHE), Year 12 Environmental Science (12EVS), Year 12 Physics (12PHY), Year 12 Science (12SCI), Year 12 Sport Science (12SSC)

Students coming out of Year 11SSC can choose one or two or three Year 12 sciences. Only 11SSC students can move into 12SSC (providing they meet entry requirements). Some choose instead to take a specialist science course 12BIO 12CHE 12PHY only if they meet the entry requirements for which one(s) they have chosen.
Pass Mechanics to get access to 12PHY
Pass Genetics to get access to 12BIO
Pass Acids and Bases to get access to 12CHE

Career Pathways

Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, Outdoor Recreation Guide/Instructor, Civil Engineer, Psychologist, Sports Coach/Official, General Practitioner, Professional Sportsperson, Groundsperson, Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist, Recreation Co-ordinator, Television Presenter

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

No additional stationery required.
A calculator used in Maths needs to be brought to Science.

Assessment Information 90940, 90944, 90948 are optional external examinations, taught to all students (assessment is optional).