Year 11 Science Double (11SCD)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Henty


Students final place in this course will be based on progress in Year 10 or HOLA approval.

Science-Double is the option you may select to take alongside core science 11SCI. This means you can choose to take just 11SCI or both 11SCI and 11SCD. This will give you a total of eight hours of science with two different teachers. This course is not harder, but is ideally suited to merit students due to the pace of the teaching.

Science-Double prepares you for 12 Biology, 12 Chemistry or 12 Physics courses. If you only do 11SCI Science-core then this also is a suitable pre-requisite for Year 12 courses. 

Students who choose 11SCD are confident that they are going to continue in Sciences in Year 12. Spaces are limited and students will be allowed entry based on Year 10 grades and recommendation from their Year 10 teacher. Not all applicants can get in.

Note: some students coming out of Year 10 may be eligible to "jump" Year 11, and instead opt into one or two Year 12 Science course. Students should choose contact the HoLA Science before making their choices.

Learning Areas:



Year 12 Biology (12BIO), Year 12 Chemistry (12CHE), Year 12 Environmental Science (12EVS), Year 12 Physics (12PHY)

Students taking 11SCD are expected to be challenging themselves and preparing for specialist science subjects in Year 12.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

3 x Scipad topic workbooks $26 (Purchased through OfficeMax).
Payment for STILE will be through the 11SCI course.