Year 11 Outdoor Education and Physical Education Studies (11OPES)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Stretch


The course is open to students who have completed 10 OPES as well as any student who has a genuine interest in outdoor and physical education activities. Students need to be able to show dedication to this course as it will require them to complete tasks in their own time outside of school. 

Students choosing this course cannot take 11PES or 11SIE because of a crossover with the Achievement Standards offered in these courses.

This course is made up of both theory and practical elements. It is a full time course (one year) and is aimed at students who enjoy the challenges provided by a range of Outdoor and Physical Education activities and who may wish to go on to study these areas further at Level Two. 

The course compliments the Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Silver Award and is structured around a combination of NCEA Level 1 Physical Education standards. Students are provided with opportunities to demonstrate their abilities in a range of Outdoor and Physical Education activities. Please note this award is run externally by students who are motivated to independently work alongside the 11 OPES course.  

It is likely that there will be a maximum of only two classes next year so genuinely interested students need to make their choices as early as possible to avoid disappointment . It involves an overnight tramp to the Pinnacles, a day surfing at Te Arai Beach, an optional multi day tramp around the Tongariro Northern Circuit, rock climbing sessions at Extreme Edge, mountain biking at Totara Park and raft racing at Cockle Bay Beach. 

Learning Areas:

Health, Physical Education and Outdoor Education


Year 12 Outdoor Education (12OED)

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$285 which includes: Two 3 day tramping expeditions, raft race, rock climbing, minimalist trip. There will also be an optional sea kayaking trip which will be on top of the $285.