Year 11 Drama (11DRA)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs J. Dryden


Preferably have completed Year 10 Drama. Students need to already have the basic skills, subject understanding and vocab & be willing to perform in front of a live audience. 

NCEA Level One Drama is a performance-based course that is influenced by whakapapa and is a way to respond to and share in identity, culture and perspectives. Students will explore the function of Theatre Aotearoa through Manaakitanga in a performance. The course places an emphasis on practical skills and active participation in a range of drama experiences. Students will extend their confidence through performance-based opportunities, including public performances. A high level of personal commitment is needed from the students, strengthening key capabilities such as self-discipline, collaboration, confidence and communication skills through a creative process - to develop the art of storytelling through performance to an audience.

The NCEA Level One Course is a prerequisite for Level Two Drama.

NB:  All internal assessments are conducted in a group context, although the final performance, e.g., DRAM1.1, will be an individually based assessment. Prolonged absence from class will result in non-completion of standards.

All work set must be completed by the deadlines given. The course is extremely disciplined time wise for practical and theoretical work. All Level 1 Drama standards currently count towards Level 1 Literacy. Students will be required to attend after school rehearsals in the lead up to some of their internal standards. Information on this will be provided at the start of the academic year. The course also allows students to use their school-based devices as part of the digital learning environment.

Students, have the opportunity, to achieve 20 Level 1 credits through a combination of internal and external learning opportunities. 

Please note: For each Achievement Standard supportive evidence is an NCEA requirement. This will be through a range of means e.g., kĊrero, video, audio, pictorial, power point and other. Rehearsals will be undertaken during class time and some after school practices will be required, especially in preparation for their devising & scripted work.

In addition: Students will have the opportunity to see live performances at a range of local venues to enhance their appreciation of theatre & use towards an external where they are required to Respond to a Drama Performance. 






Learning Areas:

Expressive Arts


Year 12 Drama (12DRA)

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$50 for workbooks and scripts which are needed during the year.
Professional theatre trips and visiting performers will incur an additional cost and will be provided at the time of booking events. The performances are designed to support and prepare the students for their external exam in November.