Year 10 Science (10SCI)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Henty


Have come from 9SCI (or 9SSC or 9FTS/9PRS)

At Howick College we use two years of junior science to prepare students for their choices of science in the future. In 10SCI students will get further exposure to laboratory practicals, and subject material of Ecology, Energy, Genetics, Electricity, and Materials. All students are expected to achieve in the work presented, and this is done with attention to the new learning and engagement with the teacher and learning process.

During the year, subject choices of 11SCI or 11SCS are usually made. See the pathways map for where courses lead, or where the pre-requisites require a different pathway.

Learning Areas:



Year 11 Future Problem Solving (11FPS), Year 11 Science (11SCI), Year 11 Science Double (11SCD), Year 11 Science Skills (11SCS)

Entering 11SCI coming from 10SCI is the most common pathway. However spaces in the innovation stream may become available, and with consultation with the HoLA Inns you may enter the equivalent 11FPS course (similar but different). Some students coming from 10SCI may prefer 11SCS which is fully internal assessment. Some may choose a 11SCI+11SCD pathway (there is no "only 11SCD" pathway).

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Computer needed. All other materials supplied.