Year 10 Moneywise FULL Year (10MOW)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs D. Reyneke

Many young people are not equipped with the necessary skills about money when they go into the “real world”. This course aims to develop skills in basic money matters to prevent them from being financially disadvantaged. We will cover the following topics: payslips, different documents used by retailers, budgeting, banking, credit, savings, credit cards, changing spending habits, setting financial goals, insurance etc.

This course provides an excellent foundation for Year 11 Economics, Accounting and Business Studies.

Course Overview

Term 1
Semester and full year course
All courses do the Banquer online financial game
Term 1 - US 24697 Gross and net pay calculations and payslips.
- US 29558 Credit History

Term 2
Term 2 - US 24709 Budgets
- US 28088 Credit and debt
Second semester is the same as above
Full year course
Term 3 - US 28090 Saving and investment
Term 4 Goal setting

Term 3
Full year course
Term 3 - US 28090 Saving and investment

Term 4
Term 4 Goal setting

Learning Areas:

Business and Management


Year 11 Accounting (11ACC), Year 11 Business Studies (11BUS), Year 11 Economics (11ECO)

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Course materials fee: $12.

Assessment Information All the assessment are unit standards and are open book but is an application of knowledge gained.