Year 9 Science (9SCI)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Henty

Students coming into Howick College will engage with Science through either mainstream science (within 9SCI) or Innovation stream (within 9FTS and 9PRS) or Sport in Education SIE stream (within 9SSC). All course lead on to a future in science at Howick College.

In 9SCI students get to know the routines, practical science, laboratory skills and language of new and prior knowledge. Students will have the opportunity to develop their curiosity in science while building their capabilities as an individual.

No specific prior knowledge is needed, and we support those who feel less prepared with the way the course is structured. Along with teaching and practical work, we also make use of STILE software, so computers are needed.

In 9SCI we look at units of work around Laboratory Skills, Nutrition, Forces, Bees and Bugs, Earth in Space, Matter, Forensics, Light and Sound. This year and next year for a foundation to allow students to choose a pathway to senior science of maybe Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General science.