Year 9 Health Education (1 Term, Compulsory) (9HEA)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs C. Simpson

The aim of the Year 9 Health course is to introduce students to the concept of Hauora/Well-being, teach students about many influences and consequences they may face, discuss how to make smart and safe decisions, and provide a basis for future learning within the Health and Physical Education Department. Students have four periods of Health for one quadmester of roughly nine - ten weeks. The Year 9 Health course includes:

 - Understanding Hauora - Students identify how influences can have both positive and negative effects on the four dimensions of well-being; Physical, Mental & Emotional, Social and Spiritual well-being.

- Mental Health - Students will be introduced to the concept of mental health, anxiety, how it impacts well-being and will learn about some strategies around how to be resilient.

- Drug Awareness - Students will be introduced to concepts around drugs, alcohol and vaping, the effects and consequences on the body and well-being, and strategies for staying safe.

- Sexuality Education - Students will cover a range of topics through a resource called Navigating the Journey made by Family Planning. Topics include gender identity, pubertal changes, diversity, peer pressures, the reproduction process and maintaining safe sexual practices.