Year 12 Sport Communications (12SCO)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Fowke

12SCO offers English standards through the lens of sport. The course will further develop student's analysis and critical thinking skills in English. Students will have opportunities to develop the ability to respond to a range of literature texts. The course builds on a student's ability to form opinions about texts and to work closely with the way in which language creates effects. Students will complete an in-depth study of at least one film and two forms of written text - this might be a novel, a poetry study, short stories or a play. Some classes may study more than one written genre. These studies will lead to the opportunity to enter at least two of the three written external examinations and classes will also be entered in three internal Achievement Standard assessments.  

This course offers credits that contribute to the attaining of University Entrance literacy . The writing credits may be achieved through internal Achievement Standard 2.1 (a portfoilio for 6 credits) but the reading credits are obtained through 1 internal Achievement Standard (AS 2.8 -  4 credit research task that is integrated with the Sport Science course's psychology unit) PLUS one external standard (AS 2.1 - 4 credits). Students need to be ready to commit themselves fully to this course of study and set themselves goals that will see them reach success. 

 The course offers 21 credits (13 credits from internal assessments, 8 credits from external exams). 


11 SIE Programme or HOD approval