This course requires 2 options.

Year 10 French FULL Year (10FRE)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms G. Santosuosso

The course builds on topics covered in Year 9. Students continue to develop their skills using a wide variety of tasks, authentic resources and digital tools. In Year 10, students will focus on exploring the world they live in, using situations that are familiar to their everyday lives. In addition, it covers various topics, both personalised, and useful if meeting with young French speakers.  Students continue to explore the “Francophonie” and its culture through the lenses of festivals, music and the arts.

Themes that may be covered:

•    Talking about Yourself

•    Sports / Personal interests

•    School

•    Shopping

•    Food

•    Where you live

•    Holidays

Students who have significant prior knowledge may have an opportunity to accelerate and should discuss this with the head of department.


French Year 9 (or proven abilities).

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$20 online vocabulary learning (Education Perfect). $14 exercise book (French 2 Go).
There may be other small costs relating to cultural events during the year, these are always optional.